Amazon Forest Problems : News Politics

Mazon Forest Problems : News Politics
From the heart of the planet’s greatest rainforest images one of the world’s biggest civil engineering projects a monolithic Monument progress the Belmonts Dom is Brazil’s answer to it’s growing and a genie modded controllers and allegations of corruption 18 billion dollar Dam partially blocks the xingu a major Amazon Triple Tree and it’s flooded thousands of Acres of rainforest does a human cost to the local fishing industry fishing industry has been decimated and thousands of Riverside do LS order the Rangers have lost their land and their livelihoods forced into a completely alien Urban environment that doesn’t have all that we get angry since July showing us his not worthless fishing license receive these corporations making billions from what used to be ours he says and we can even use the river anymore building the dam brought hundreds of jobs to the Riverside town of Altamira but it also led to increasing deforestation on the permanent loss of many low-lying islands supporters of hydropower admit mistakes were made let’s say the rivers and the energy out there to be harnessed for the greater good of Brazil I would definitely defend the presence of Hydro has won a key technology in our portfolio of Technologies in the develop developed parts of the world almost 70% of the Hydra put any attempts to build dams on the river and the government always comes here with its life there’s not one place where Adam has been viewed that has youth that has turned out good for locals and for all the tribes there’s only misery and complain the construction of hydroelectric dams to exploit

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