Some Good News: 16 Ways 2016 Is Not a Total Dumpster Fire

In which John discusses good news and encouraging trends he has noticed in 2016, including improvements in health, technology, literacy, and the number of Beyonce albums. You can watch me play No Man’s Sky here: SOURCES:
Much of the info in this video comes from the amazing Our World in Data, which is also just a great site to have bookmarked:

1. Child mortality is declining all around the world: and is continuing to trend down in every region of the world:

2. The West Africa ebola virus outbreak that began in 2014 has ended:

3. Humans are close to eradicating guinea worm disease; in the first half of 2016, there were only seven confirmed cases:

4. Tremendous progress has been made in the fight against malaria:

5. Survival rates for early stage pancreatic cancer are now nearly 30%: And overall cancer survival is increasing: (this information is helpfully graphed here:

6. The data here is taken from the ongoing updates from this wikipedia page: and the data on the massive decrease of war as a cause of death comes from Our World in Data:

7. ISIS is weakening, losing territory, and struggling with recruitment:

8. There are fewer bankruptcies in the United States (which is just one among several indicators that American economic life is, on average, improving):

9. The global economy is growing (although not as much as we’d like): and absolute poverty is declining; 200 million fewer people live in poverty today than did in 2012.

10. Literacy rates are increasing, and the gender literacy gap is decreasing: More info here, although God this web site is slow:

11. Book sales are up at bookstores: (This is also true in Canada, interestingly.)

12. No Man’s Sky is a significantly better video game than Pong and you can watch me play it here:

13. There is a new Harry Potter play. Here is a source attesting to the fact:

14. Evidence that AFC Wimbledon is in League One:

15. Pokemon Go is amazing. Here’s a source:

16. Lemonade is the greatest non-Mountain Goats album of the decade. As evidence, I present Lemonade:

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