Animal Abuse & Rescue: Amazon Rainforest [Iquitos, Peru]

I had a first hand experience of exotic wildlife trafficking & animal abuse on my recent visit to the Amazon rainforest (Iquitos, Peru)
Four monkeys were ill-treated, abused, tied in cable ties and chains in addition to other animals on the farm.
We helped rescue a spider monkey, 2 squirrel monkeys & a capuchin monkey in Pirana Park fishing area in iquitos, Peru by asking the caretaker to do so.
The whole incident was recorded on this video

The owner of Pirana Park is a Swiss-British guy called Peter Schneider & the caretaker in the video was instructed by his Peruvian manager called Rodrico to chain the monkeys in cable ties.
Peter Schneider is the owner of of Amazon Rainforest Lodge and Pirana Park.

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