Top 35 World’s Poorest Countries 2015/16

Much of the Third world’s failure to make progress is the result of its own incompetence. Much of the societies of the the Third World talk about oppression from the Western civilization, Colonialism, racial injustice etc. I am not saying that those things did not happen, but governments from Third World societies use all of these situations as an excuse to keep their own citizens ignorant and distract them from problems back home, problems they fail to fix. We live in a competitive world where there is no time for special treatment; the countries that make huge progress reap the rewards and those that fall behind suffer the consequences. Whether we like it or not, the next generations to come end up paying for the competence of Third World societies. Most of the world’s poorest countries are in Africa, despite its economic growth and the rise of the middle class. I agree with Jan Lamprecht and his friend Dave when they say that de-colonization had actually been a good thing everywhere – EXCEPT IN AFRICA! their arguments point out that the Pacific and Asian countries, and even South America, had fared much better after decolonization than Africa had. Africa has gone backwards for more than 40 years while Asian and other countries moved forward. Most of the countries run by Black people, Arabs, Persians and Muslim of other races are backward – even those which do not have a history of colonialism, such as Ethiopia, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Liberia. Liberia was inhabited by former black Americans. It us up to us to deal with issues that are uncomfortable and find long term solutions for them; we need to stop blaming everything that goes wrong in our societies on Colonialism, slavery etc., I am not saying that what we faced during that those times was just; it wasn’t, but we need to put our feed forward and prove that we have the capability to make progress. As long as we blame everything that goes wrong in our lives and societies on the White man, we will continue to lag behind in decades to come and we are the ones who are paying at most.

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Poorest Countries in the World
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